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Children's Scripture Catechism

For many generations, children have been taught the basics of Christian doctrine through the Catechism for
Young Children, which in turn is based upon the Westminster Shorter Catechism. While these Catechisms have been
excellent tools for teaching theological truth, one immediately notices that the Catechism for Young Children contains
few scriptural references, although many of the answers are quotes or paraphrases of Scripture. While the theology of
that Catechism is biblically sound, it seems to be more important that children “hide the Word in their heart” rather than
memorizing bare theological statements, as biblical as they may be. A child needs to know the source of his or her belief
system does not come from Westminster Abbey, but from the Words of God, a fact the first chapter of the Westminster
Confession states emphatically.1

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Baptism Study

STUDY GUIDE ON BAPTISM (revised 1/2013)
1A. According to Matthew 28:19, why should a person be baptized?
2A. WHAT DOES WATER BAPTISM MEAN?1B. What does washing with water signify (Titus 3:5) ?2B. Who baptizes us into the body of Christ (1 Cor 12:13) ?
3B. The title “Christ” is the Greek translation of the Hebrew word “Messiah” (John 1:41), which means “Anointed

One.” At His baptism, Jesus was “anointed” by the Holy Spirit in order to begin His Messianic ministry (Mark 1:9-11).
What is the primary work He will do, according to Mark 1:8? WHICH MODE OF WATER BAPTISM BEST DESCRIBES THIS MEANING?

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