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Join Dennis Drennen for a Live Sunday School Class via Zoom every Week at 9:45 AM

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Blended Worship

Our worship style is a blended mix of traditional with some contemporary music mixed in with a lot of bluegrass and county influence. If you play an instrument and wish to join in, then come to our 8:30 musician’s practice on Sunday Morning. We also have a choir that that you  are welcome to join. They practice on Wednesday at 8:00 PM following our 7:00 PM prayer service

We have intercessory prayer where you can bring your prayer request or your friends needs before the congregation. We always close with the Lord’s prayer.

Expect to hear a lot of Scripture Readings read by one of our Ruling Elders during the service.

We serve communion on the first Sunday of each month. All confessing Christians of any denomination in good standing are invited to the table.

Most importantly, expect to be greeted by some of the most loving people you have ever met.


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